City Club Forums

KPOV broadcasts the monthly luncheon forums of the City Club of Central Oregon. Listen to archives of recent forums here.

July forum: Economic Development in a Housing Crisis. Real Solutions For Solving Our Middle Market Crunch (available July 21)

June 2017 forum: Oil Trains Transiting Our Community, Are They Safe?

May 2017 forum: Is Being Civil Important to Our Democracy and Community?

April 2017 forum: Zero Suicide, A Community’s Call to Action

March 2017 forum: Muslim in America – One Woman’s Story

February 2017 forum: The Needs, the Challenges and the Faces of Low Income Housing

January 2017 forum: Brown is the New Green: How Biomass Could Shape Central Oregon Energy

December forum: The Upper Deschutes Settlement: What’s Next?

November forum: Smart Cities Panel Discussion.

October forum: Measure 97 Debate.

September forum: Oregon, Heal Thyself: What we need to learn from international healthcare.