City Club Forums

KPOV broadcasts the monthly luncheon forums of the City Club of Central Oregon. Listen to archives of recent forums here.

May 24 2018 forum: A Solution for Pollution? What Carbon Pricing Means for Oregon (available beginning May 26)

May 7 2018 special forum: Regional Forum: Growth’s Impact on our Communities, with local city managers.

April 2018 forum: Transportation Planning Today For Tomorrow’s Technology: Will the chicken be crossing the road by foot, in a self-driving car or pedaling a bike?

March 2018 forum: Fires, Forests and Foes: How an unlikely group of citizens works to prevent severe wildfires

February 2018 forum: PERS Snatchers: Is Oregon’s Pension Promise Broken? Can it be fixed?

January 2018 forum: “FRESH FROM THE FARM – a conversation about how food grown in Central Oregon gets to markets, restaurants and your table.”

November forum: The Role Of Immigrants In Central Oregon: Understanding Their Present And Future Roles In Central Oregon’s Workforce

October forum: The Trust Gap: Exploring the Crisis of Confidence in the American News Media and How to Resolve It.

September forum: Hooked: Understanding our Addiction to Opiates

August forum: Bend’s Central District – What Will Future Urban Density Look Like in the Center of Our City?

July forum: Economic Development in a Housing Crisis. Real Solutions For Solving Our Middle Market Crunch

June 2017 forum: Oil Trains Transiting Our Community, Are They Safe?