KPOV Meetings

At 88.9 KPOV, all meetings are open to volunteers, DJs and the public. 
Anyone is welcome to attend and observe.  If you wish to speak at a meeting, please contact the committee chair to request a spot on the agenda.

board meeting 2005
KPOV board hard at work – 2005.

Board of Directors
Days/Times: Third Thursday of each month at 5:00 pm at the station

About: General governance of the station.

Chair: Ted Schoenborn

Contact Ted here

Days/Times: First Monday of each month at 5:00 pm at the station.  See the station front office white board for details.

About: Responsible for developing, maintaining and nurturing the sound of the station.  Reviews and approves shows, develops and approves promos, offers training and more.

Chair: Bruce Morris

Contact Bruce here

Days/Times: The operations committee is currently on hiatus while we recruit members.

About: Operations ensures that the station stays on the air.  In charge of technical equipment.

Chair: Ted Schoenborn

If you are interested in joining our operations committee, contact Ted here.


Days/Times: No current meetings scheduled until planning for our next event begins.

About: Responsible for event planning, generating revenues through sponsorship donations, and more.  Also, responsible for marketing events.

Chair: None

Community Advisory Board

Days/Times: The Community Advisory Board meets twice a year and the next meeting is not currently scheduled.

About: Read about KPOV’s advisory board here. 

Specific meeting dates for the next month are posted on the KPOV Station front office white board.