Carbonfreeda’s Powerup

It’s all about you! Global warming brings hardship as well as opportunity. Learn whats happening locally and globally and what you can do about it.

Host of the show, Diane Hodiak, is executive director of 350Deschutes, a nonprofit dedicated to encouraging all people, including low income individuals and people of color, those most vulnerable to climate impacts, to benefit from the transition to a low carbon economy. Listen to interviews with clean energy leaders in building, waste, transportation, and their innovative projects. Discover what you can do to reduce your own carbon footprint with easy ideas that benefit your health as well as your pocket book. Get tips on how to take advantage of cash rebates, tax, or other incentives to participate in buying an electric vehicles, becoming more energy efficient, or installing solar. Policies at the national as well as statewide and local level in Central Oregon  are discussed. Whether you’re a business person, or an individual, there will be much for you to discover.

Carbonfreeda’s Powerup airs on the first and third Fridays of each month at 9:30 a.m., alternating with Food Sleuth Radio.

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