Northwest Taproom

Northwest Taproom

NW Taproom is a music show – often the same music enjoyed at your favorite Taproom or Brew Pub!

Genre’s include: Adult Alternative / Classic Rock –  sprinkled with Blues/Jazz/ Funk/Lounge/Chill & Reggae.  Nothing heavy will be played – but on occasion, we might serve up a “Stout”!

With Bend Fast Becoming Recognized As “Beer Town”, we plan to educate, enlighten & entertain!

Northwest Taproom features:

1.) A weekly BLT (Brewing Lingo & Terminology)!  Let’s get educated on the art of brewing!  We’ll uncover what     brews & ciders are popular, brewing techniques, ingredients, styles and more.

2.) Artist Profiles, New Artist Releases and more.

3.) Music from the Pacific Northwest Music served up weekly.

When closing out your work week or prepping for a Friday night out, or in, Northwest Taproom is your source for music & fun.

NW Taproom is open for business, Fridays from 2-4 pm

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