Alliance Members

These dedicated local nonprofit organizations have become members of the KPOV Nonprofit Alliance.

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 Central Oregon Jobs With Justice3b7030a3663a31dfdf7784a39cbcc7e1_h49n

Mission: to protect and advance the right to organize, defend the living standards of working people, fight for job security and safe working conditions, and support contract campaigns and strikes. We participate in struggles for living wage jobs, fair trade and immigrant rights, and against privatization, globalization and inhumane workfare programs. Jobs with Justice opposes racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, anti-Semitism and other forms of religious and cultural bigotry, and will actively support struggles against any form of discrimination.

The Environmental Centertec.logo

Mission: embedding sustainability  in everyday life in Central Oregon.

At The Environmental Center, we hold these truths to be self-evident: (1) A healthy environment is essential for life to thrive on our home, planet earth. (2) We humans need to change how we live, work, play and learn to ensure that healthy environment, for ourselves and the rest of creation.

 Central Oregon Social Justice Centersocialjusticecenter

Vision and Mission: Our collective vision is to use our shared space, resources and working relationships to build a broad coalition of social justice allies in Central Oregon. We will actively support each other in building a unified movement of committed people working in solidarity to advance democracy, justice, and human dignity. Our ultimate goal is to create welcoming, vibrant, and sustainable communities in Central Oregon.

Central Oregon Locavorelocavore logo

Mission: Central Oregon Locavore promotes local food and farmers for the health of our community. We work for an ecologically stable and socially just food system in Central Oregon by improving access to fresh, nutrient-dense local food, educating the community about the benefits of sustainably produced food and supporting farmers and ranchers.

Latino Community AssociationLCA logo

Empowering our Latino families to thrive by creating opportunities for advancement and building bridges that unite and strengthen us all.


Human Dignity Coalitionhdcwebheadernew2

Mission: Human Dignity Coalition has been working in Central Oregon since 1992 to promote equality for the LGBTQ and allied community. We also work across other social justice and environmental causes to build the progressive movement in Central Oregon.