KPOV Staff

KPOV is powered by over 100 volunteers and supported by the following staff:


Jill Mahler – Station Manager

Jill has been working for KPOV since 2008, as Office Manager for 7 years, and now as Station Manager. Prior to working at KPOV, she worked for Arts Central, a local non-profit arts advocacy organization, both as a volunteer and as a paid office administrator. Jill also has many years of experience volunteering for schools and youth-oriented organizations.

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Bruce Morris – Programming/Development Director

bruce morrisBruce began working at KPOV in January 2014. He has worked for Central Oregon community and social justice groups as an organizer, executive and developer since 2002, including serving as coordinator at the Central Oregon Social Justice Center. He has a law degree and practiced law for many years before deciding to support the inspiring people dedicated to community.

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Amy Campbell – Office Manager

Amy began working for KPOV in January 2015 as the LGBTQ Youth Radio Program Coordinator and continues this work. Amy’s role of Office Manager includes intensive work in volunteer coordinating, especially during Spring and Fall Membership Drives. Amy has a strong commitment to improving the community and is thrilled to be able to do that through her work with KPOV.

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Paul Arebalo – Underwriting Representative
Paul began working at KPOV in June 2014 and also volunteers at the station.  He started and sold a  tech businesses during the era.uw_paula Paul graduated from Humboldt State with a degree in Exercise & Computer Science.

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