Volunteers of the Year


Carolyn Esky and Gideon King have been named the 2017 Volunteers of the Year at KPOV, High Desert Community Radio.

Gideon King: Gideon has been a regular, dedicated volunteer for several years.  He always works to keep the station clean and tidy and the plants thriving. Gideon completes odd jobs around the office like address look ups, data entry, filling and stuffing letters, and running them to the post office. Gideon’s skill set extends all the way to updating the KPOV website. He also helped with set up and teardown at live broadcasts. These are the kinds of unglamorous, unseen, but very important tasks any nonprofit needs to keep going.

Carolyn Esky: Carolyn has been a KPOV volunteer for over ten years, also serving at various times as a DJ and Board member.  Recently, she has helped type our quarterly issues report, an FCC requirement. This year Carolyn has added being a daily coordinator for Fridays, an important job setting up our syndicated programming for the day. She stepped up when the Wednesday Point lost its hosts and began doing both the Wednesday and Friday Points.  Her interviews are not only thoughtful and well-produced, but also expose important work happening in our community. She shows great generosity mentoring new Point hosts, serving as a substitute host, representing KPOV outside of the station, helping in the office, and always offering an open ear and encouraging word around the station.



Joe One Drum and Carolyn Clontz have been named the 2016 Volunteers of the Year at KPOV, High Desert Community Radio.

Since before KPOV went on the air, Joe has been KPOV’s unofficial handy man. He was instrumental in building out the new studio in 2004 and 2005. Since that time, Joe has been a consistent KPOV volunteer. He helps out with tasks at the studio from small fix-ups to major mechanical, construction and technical projects. Joe also helps with the logistics of KPOV’s live remote broadcasts, a very important part of our programming.

Joe also co-hosted a former KPOV show called Diversitunity.

Carolyn Clontz has been a KPOV DJ and volunteer since early 2013. Carolyn has also hosted KPOV’s Monday The Point show since the summer of 2013. She also sets up our programming for the day on each Thursday and every other Friday morning, bright and early. The morning set-up is critical to KPOV’s broadcasting consistency and quality. Carolyn is as reliable as volunteers come, always consistently performing her important jobs at KPOV.

Joe and Carolyn were nominated by KPOV volunteers, staff, board and DJs and selected by the KPOV Board of Directors from over 2 dozen outstanding KPOV volunteers.


Paul Arebalo and  Kathryn Wood have been named the 2015 Volunteers of the Year at KPOV, High Desert Community Radio.

Kathryn Wood is a long-time KPOV DJ and volunteer. She is former host of Radio Airstream and The Tuesday Point. She is current host of Kathryn’s Kitchen, a monthly segment.

Kathryn has volunteered doing just about everything that needs to be done in the KPOV offices. She also handled playlist reporting for years, a demanding and time-consuming task. Kathryn is also a great spokesperson for KPOV, who has brought KPOV many supporters and listeners through her enthusiastic discussions of KPOV with all kinds of people and businesses in our community.

Paul Arebalo is a dedicated technology whiz for KPOV as well as an underwriting representative.

Paul works hard upgrading, maintaining and repairing computer systems shared by multiple types of users across different platforms — a difficult task. He keeps our critical broadcast and operations computers and network running smoothly year round. Paul also works on our remote broadcasting crews, helping KPOV bring our listeners live local music and the City Club of Central Oregon monthly broadcasts.

Paul and Kathryn were nominated by KPOV volunteers, staff, board and DJs and selected by the KPOV Board of Directors from over 2 dozen outstanding KPOV volunteers.

2014bret and jack 2014 volunteers of the year_resize

Jack Elliott and Bret Graham have been named the 2014 Volunteers of the Year at KPOV, High Desert Community Radio

Jack Elliott is a co-host of The Sunday Classics show on KPOV Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to Noon. He grew up in Southern California   and wished he were somewhere else. In 2008 he and his wife Jacquie were happy to move to Bend.

In former lives Elliott was a musician, a backpacker, and designer of high-end audio electronics. “Recently, a year-long stint doing studio engineering for KTYD AM/FM in Santa Barbara in the late ’70s somehow caught up to me as an operations volunteer at KPOV, to the detriment of my free time,” laughs Elliott, (“and to the extreme benefit of KPOV,” adds Station Manager Pearl Stark).

Bret Graham is co-host of the Friday Point public affairs program. He also serves on the programming and operations committees and as a daily coordinator. Graham and his wife of 34 years, Caren, lived in New York City for 11 years, before returning Bend four years ago, opening The Bend Tour Company, and adopting their dog Buster.

“Jack and Bret are great examples of the diverse, creative, and dedicated volunteers KPOV depends on to keep producing and airing quality programming for Central Oregonians,” says KPOV station manager Pearl Stark. “We are grateful to them and all of our wonderful volunteers.”

Elliott and Graham were nominated by other KPOV volunteers and selected from a list of more than two dozen nominees by KPOV’s board of directors.


Judy Petullo and Creig Jones have been named Volunteer of the Year at KPOV, High Desert Community Radio.2013 Volunteers of the year for press

Judy Petullo works in accounting by day. But nights and weekends often find her at KPOV editing her show, All Things Vegan, or helping with some of the many jobs at the radio station including everything from web editing to program reviews to stuffing envelopes. “Volunteering has been a real eye-opener,” Petullo said. “I never realized how much there is to do, and how many wonderful, dedicated volunteers there are. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for each of them.”  Petullo enjoys spending time with her family and furry critters: three cats and one dog.  Her other passions include gardening, reading and watching the many deer, birds, chipmunks, squirrels and other animals that frequent her yard.

Many local residents know Creig Jones as their former mailman, and KPOV fans know him as Tirebiter. Jones is veteran DJ and has hosted Tirebiter Tunes for eight years. Jones is also an active volunteer who works to build support for KPOV through his involvement in fundraising and other activities. Jones helps wherever and whenever he is called upon.Petullo and Jones were nominated by other KPOV volunteers and selected from a list of more than two dozen nominees by KPOV’s board of directors.


Mike Ficher, host of The Ultimate Oldies Show and a member of the programming committee, has been named the 2012 Volunteer of the Year at KPOV, High Desert Community Radio.

Ficher is a multi-talented volunteer who served the station in many capacities over the years. In addition to hosting The Ultimate Oldies Show, Ficher writes and produces many station promos and legal identification spots. Ficher also served on the KPOV board and as chair of the station programming committee, and has taught new DJs how to record and edit audio.

Ficher works as a business analyst for Bend Broadband and is active in local theater, youth sports and Central Oregon media.“KPOV is such a vital community asset,”  Ficher said.  “I am honored to be a part of a passionate, energetic and caring core of volunteers who donate their time to help provide news, information and stories of critical import for, and about, our community.”Ficher was nominated by other KPOV volunteers and selected from a list of more than a dozen nominees by KPOV’s board of directors.


2011 Volunteers of the Year at 88.9 KPOV: Jacquie Elliott, chair of KPOV’s marketing and events committee, and William Johnson, music director, have been named 2011 Volunteers of the Year at KPOV, High Desert Community Radio.2011 volunteers of the year - jacquie and william

When Jacquie Elliott moved to Bend she came straight to KPOV, the local community radio station, to find the heart of our community. She has organized multiple events for KPOV, including last year’s appearance by comedian Will Durst and this year’s upcoming Spike and Mike animation festival.  Jacquie also lines up raffle items and auction baskets for all of our events and pledge drives. When she’s not volunteering for KPOV, Jacquie runs the Center for Car Donations, a national company that helps nonprofits raise money through
vehicle donations.

As music director, William Johnson communicates with musicians and processes all of KPOV’s incoming music. He also serves on KPOV’s programming committee, helping create to KPOV’s schedule and ensure quality. William is KPOV’s Thursday Coordinator, which means he comes in early and downloads syndicated programming that will play that day. He also is the host of KPOV’s weekly jazz show, “Straight No Chaser,” airing on Tuesdays at 6 pm.

Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, William is married to his soul mate, Marlene, and has 5 children.  He loves running, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, fly fishing and – of course – jazz music.  He also volunteers at the Humane Society as a dog canine companion.  By his own description, he’s “retired and loving it!”

Johnson and Elliott were nominated by other KPOV volunteers and selected from a list of more than a dozen nominees by KPOV’s board of directors.


The Board and staff at KPOV are pleased to announce our two Volunteers of the Year for 2010 – Liam O’Sruitheain and Rhoda Jones.2010 VOL OF THE YEAR for web

Liam has been a volunteer at KPOV since he took our “Be a DJ” class in 2008.  Since then Liam has become one of our most active volunteers, wearing many hats at the station.  One of the daily coordinators, he comes in early every week to coordinate all of the programming for Thursdays and the weekends. Liam is also the host of  Slainte, KPOV’s Celtic music program, which airs live on Friday from 2-4pm.  You may recognize Liam’s voice on Wednesday’s Community Calendar. A dedicated volunteer, Liam frequently fills in for other coordinators and for the Community Calendar. What would we do without him?

Rhoda is an invaluable, long-time KPOV volunteer. She is a major power behind many of KPOV’s fundraising events– by procuring sponsors for big events like the Bela Fleck benefit,  offering the Domino Room/Midtown venues for such KPOV fundraisers as the 2010 birthday bash with Pokey LaFarge and the Playing for Change film, and making sure all of the events go off without a hitch. Rhoda takes on a myriad of tasks that keep KPOV truckin’.   She also helps weekly by sending out announcements of interview opportunities to our DJs and provides on-air energy and off-air support during KPOV’s semi-annual pledge drives.

Thanks to ALL our fabulous and dedicated volunteers. Bend Community Radio would truly not exist without you!



Charley Engel and Ellen Golodner, two 88.9 deejays who host popular programs and provide valuable off-air contributions to KPOV, have been named 2009 Volunteers of the Year at Bend Community Radio.2009 volunteers of the year for web

Engel hosts “Calling All Cowboys,” the most-streamed program on KPOV, as Chuckaroo the Buckaroo. He has been with KPOV since the station first went on air in 2005, trouble-shooting all sorts of computer technology issues, designing posters and art for KPOV fundraisers like last year’s Beatles Singalong, and producing the station’s annual report.

Golodner, aka Dr. G, showcases the sounds of New Orleans—R&B, soul, blues, jazz, funk and Zydeco—to KPOV listeners on “Jazz ’n Jambalaya”.  In addition to her on-air contributions, Golodner writes KPOV’s public service announcements, is a member of the station’s programming committee, assists on fundraising, and helped to write an important federal grant proposal for KPOV’s full power campaign.
These individuals were chosen from a long list of volunteers for their hard work and dedication to making KPOV the best community radio station possible. A big thank you goes out to Ellen and Charles, and all of the volunteers that make radio happen.


Congratulations to Michael ” The Old Hippie” Funke and John ” The Technical Wizard” Glass on being chosen as KPOV’s Volunteers of the Year for 2008.

2008 volunteer of year for web - funke                    2008 volunteer of year for web - glass

Michael was an instrumental part of fund-raising and in bringing Arlo Guthrie here to Bend, and John is the engineering man behind the scenes making sure all the equipment is operating at full capacity.

 2007  Kris Arnold

2007 volunteer of year - Kris Arnold

2006  Tristan Reisfar

Tristan Reisfar - "Citizen Alert"

2005  Jef Hinkle