KPOV Nonprofit Alliance

The KPOV Nonprofit Alliance

A program to strengthen our local non-profits through KPOV’s media tools.

The many dedicated nonprofit organizations that serve Central Oregon provide critical services, advocacy, and education that make our community more just, sustainable, and whole.

Since 2005, KPOV has helped local nonprofits advance their missions and visibility by connecting with the community over the airwaves through KPOV. Our broadcast area empowers local nonprofits to reach most of Central Oregon at once.

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The purpose of the KPOV Nonprofit Alliance is to make these relationships more intentional and expand the array of broadcast, internet, and audio services KPOV can provide to groups in the Alliance. We want to provide local nonprofits greater media access.

KPOV provides guest interviews,* public service announcements, underwriting, sponsorship, and the KPOV community calendar.  We can also provide Alliance members audio copies of on-air interviews and produce public service announcements for broadcast by KPOV and use by Alliance members. We will also be able to produce short radio segments as the Alliance develops.

All members of the Alliance will be featured prominently on the Alliance Members page of KPOV’s website with their mission statement a link to their website, and periodically in KPOV e-newsletters, social media posts, and other materials.

Alliance members in turn will increase awareness of KPOV by actions such as linking to KPOV on their website, publicizing their appearances on KPOV and linking to the program afterwards, and crediting and linking to KPOV for recorded interviews, audio segments, public service announcements, or podcasts.

This work will build further public awareness of the organizations serving Central Oregon and the nature and scope of their services, while creating deeper connections among local non-profits. Visible association with KPOV will also build good will for you among KPOV’s thousands of listeners and members all over Central Oregon.

We envision this as a flexible alliance with details to be established and adjusted based on the individual needs of each member and KPOV.

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See Current Alliance Members Here

For questions or more information, contact Bruce Morris at, or 541-322-0863.

*KPOV’s on-air coverage will remain independent of membership in the Alliance or lack thereof.  KPOV will regularly seek out Alliance members for interviews.