Program Demo MP3 Instructions for DJ Class Graduates

In addition to the written Show Proposal (click here for a copy), the programming committee will need to hear an example of your “on-air” abilities.  We understand that for most of you, this is a new skill that you are learning, but we need to evaluate how much you have learned from sitting in with current DJs and how much you are able to do independently.  It is our expectation that you may need several attempts in the production studio to get your demo “ready for prime time”.Each demo should be 7-12 min long and created with Adobe Audition.  Your saved demo should be saved as your first and last name (one word) .mp3 (ex: johnsmith.mp3).  Put the saved file in the DJ Grad Demo folder located in the Host Folder on the Production room computer.Please include the following elements in each demo.  Examples of most of these elements can be found and used in the Demo Elements folder on the desktop of the production studio computer.


  • Play last 5 sec of song,
  • Back announce songs (as if it had been a set of 3 songs)
  • Show identifier (show name, your name, theme)
  • Read a PSA
  • Forward announce songs
  • Play first 5 sec and last 5 sec of song (leave short pause (1 sec) between), repeat for total of 2 or 3 songs
  • Back announce songs
  • Identify yourself and show
  • Play a sweeper (just 5 seconds of sweeper then fade out)
  • Play a show promo (just 5 seconds of promo then fade out)
  • Comment on promo
  • Forward announce songs with interesting points about artist, album, genre, etc
  • First 5 sec of song

Be creative, inventive, charming and engaging!

Add other elements that enhance your demo and allow for personal expression.

Total demo should be 7-12 minutes