Past Interviews

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1/26/18 –Elena CaJacob talks about the new Oregon Ready Project at CAUSA, Oregon’s immigrant rights organization–on the Radical Songbook.

1/17/18 –COCC Director of Multicultural Activities Karen Roth talks about the Season of Nonviolence events.

1/5/18 –Donavan Adderley talks about his son Deshaun, bullying, suicide and race on The Radical Songbook.

12/27/17 –KPOV DJ Teryl Young talks about bullying and race in local schools after recent student suicide

12/13/17 –Kevin Charity, African American homeless man, and Larry Kogovsek, homelessness advocate, on being homeless in Central Oregon on the Wednesday Point (available 1/26)

12/12/17 –Daniel Hauser of the Oregon Center for Public Policy talks about the tax bills in the US Congress on the Tuesday Point

11/24/17 –KPOV DJ Teryl Young talks about white supremacy in law enforcement on the Tuesday Point

11/21/17 –Roger Sabbadini talks about his book “Unavoidable Hope,” the story of his father’s fight to save his family from fascism (available 1/11/18)

11/03/17 –Liliana Cabrera talks about being Latina in Central Oregon on The Radical Songbook, 11-3-17

10/10/17 –Union members and representatives Noah Goldberg-Jaffe and Terry Casey on the importance of labor unions and efforts to dismantle them (available 10/12)

9/29/17 –Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel on The Radical Songbook.

9/22/17 – Local singer-songwriter Ian Carrick talks music and sings songs on The Radical Songbook.

7/18/17 – John Lodise of Shepard’s House on homelessness issues in Central Oregon, part 1

7/18/17 – John Lodise of Shepard’s House on homelessness issues in Central Oregon, part 2 (available July 21)

7/11/17 – Barb Fontaine President of Human Dignity Advocates of Crook County, on that group’s efforts for a more inclusive community in Crook County.(available July 21)

6/9/17 – Anyssa Bohanan, local TV reporter, on “Being Black in Bend” from The Radical Songbook.

6/7/17 – Lisa Arkin, Executive Director of Beyond Toxics on Environmental Justice in Oregon. 

5/23/17 – Hannah Harrod, organizer for the Rural Organizing Project, on social justice organizing in rural areas and the importance of linking rural groups across the state.

5/9/17 – Melissa Adams, LCSW, on issues facing transgender youth and a program designed for youth and their families.

5/2/17 – Gardener Plaedo Wellman of Eugene Avant Gardeners and TEDx Bend Presenter on gardening, activism, humanity and the environment

4/18/17 – Climate activists Diane Hodiak, Laurel Hamilton and Callie Covington, discussing climate change, solar energy and the People’s Climate March. (contains some information about an timely event)

4/4/17 – Brad Porterfield, Executive Director of the Latino Community Association, on their programs to provide services to immigrants in our community (contains some informaation about a past event)