Live Festival Broadcasts

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Click here to listen to bands from KPOV Locals Only Stage, Bend Fall Festival 2016

Bend Roots Revival 2016 – Live performances from the Art Station stage and Bucha Buena stage, Saturday and Sunday, September 24th & 25th

Bend Ukulele Group Showcase
Bobby Lindstrom
Broken Down Guitars
Butterfly Breakdown
Carl Solomon
Coyote Willow
Kitties In Your Face
Mai & Dave
Moseley Wotta
Natty Red
Pig War
Richard Taelour
Shady Groove
Speaker Minds
Streetlight Moon Zepplin Tribute
The Hard Chords
Travis Ehrenstrom
Willow Sky

KPOV Locals Only Stage, Bend Fall Festival 2016 Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1

Hutch and Gentry
Juju Eyeball
Shady Groove
Streetlight Moon
The Chinups
The Gambler and the Thief
Travis Ehrenstrom Band