Never Come Down

“If you never take a chance, you can never get it wrong... so you better take a chance before it’s gone”. These lyrics from the song Chances on their self-titled debut album have become a mantra for the members of Never Come Down. Check out more at

Long Tall Eddy

Long Tall Eddy is a 2 piece band from Bend, Oregon featuring Paul Eddy on guitar and Kyle Pickard on drums. Find out more info about Long Tall Eddy at

Lindy Gravelle

Local singer/songwriter/pianist, Lindy Gravelle plays her original tunes live in the KPOV 501C3 studio. Accompanied by local musician, Matt Engle. Find out more info, including tour dates at

The Patty Davis Band

The Patty Davis Band is a vocal driven Americana trio out of Central Oregon. They are Patty Davis, Kary Barrie and Neal Cross. The Patty Davis Band brings to the table their unique styling of familiar covers, along with fresh, thoughtful and inspiring originals that keep your toes tapping and imagination stirring.  Find more info at

Downhill Ryder

Bend, Oregon roots-rock band, Downhill Ryder, is a band of songwriters that blends acoustic and electric sounds on an eclectic rock landscape.  Find out more at


Tang — a Central Oregon based band — is one raunchy riff from being your feel good hit of the summer and a polyrhythm away from stealing your girl.  Check them out at


Bend based indie rockers, Cosmonautical, interweave driving rhythms and soaring guitar harmonies to create cranial post-punk hooks that dig in with all the pull of Pop. More information at