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Community Questions

We live in times of great change. 
How can we move forward with greater understanding of our differences, and our sameness?
We believe timely, open ended questions create a space for us to do just that.
Carol Delmonico and Casey Davis have authored and designed an interactive journal "Stoke Your Woke" that supports us to share perspectives, listen, reflect, and learn from one another.
During these 1.5 hour events you will explore questions through thought provoking prompts, quotes, and images. You will connect with others through writing, listening, and sharing. The space created will allow for everyone's diverse perspectives to be heard with hospitality and equity.
We'll delve into questions like:
How could you hold your own truth and listen openly to someone who has a different truth?
How do you hold both "me and mine" and "we and ours" when a personal decision affects the wellbeing of others?
What is needed for our most vulnerable populations?

6:00pm at the Downtown Bend Library.