Defining One's Goal In A Conversation

Bryn Hazell from the Center For Compassionate Living discusses how to converse with someone who has a differing point of view on an issue of personal importance. Often we spend more time wanting to prove someone wrong which often interferes with our core intention of understanding and clarifying. Why sabotage our own efforts? Bryn Hazell offers some hints on how to keep the conversation open, focusing on a goal of understanding and respectfully sharing information.

Engage Without Judgement

Ways to engage others in stating an observation rather than label or judge behind one's back. Bryn Hazell, Founder of the Center for Compassionate Living, offers ways to share thoughts and observations for an improved and caring connection with others…avoiding judgments, conflict, and martyrdom.

Privilege and Open Communication

Our role in setting the platform for expressing our thoughts and observations…identifying our role in the creation of one's sense of privilege.


Bryn Hazell from the Center for Compassionate Living examines the value of forgiveness both personally and in relationships


A conversation with Bryn Hazell about the value of listening in order to successfully to connect with others.

Rooted and Open

Shanti Oconnor, founder of Rooted and Open and the nonprofit, Bend Birth Connection, talks openly about the birthing conditions and trauma of mothers in our country.  The United States has the highest number of mother fatalities and physical injuries during delivery of all developed countries.  Rooted and Open helps women talk about not only the physical injuries and challenges but the traumatic experiences minimized by support, conversation, and change.

Author, Author series: Deschutes Public Library

Carolyn Esky and Chantal Strobel discuss the Deschutes Public Library's Author, Author speaker series, 2018, highlighting "Underground Railroad" by Colson Whitehead, appearing in Bend, Feb 18, 2018.