Right Plant, Right Place

Why do plants do well in one location and fail in another? There are a number of reasons and if we choose carefully, we’ll be more successful.

Decoding Garden Advice

Where can we get gardening advice? The good news is, there are lots of resources. The bad news is, there are lots of resources!  We can help.

Garden Journaling

A garden journal is a tool that helps prevent repeating mistakes, ensuring more garden success.  

Ordering Seeds for Your Garden

Nothing signals spring like the arrival of your favorite seed catalog in the mailbox. We'll help you choose which seeds to order.

Those Darn Deer!

If you’re like most serious gardeners in Central Oregon, you want to know:  “How do I keep the deer from eating my plants?”

The Effects of Snow on Plants

With snow season upon us home gardeners should know that the fluffy, white stuff can actually benefit plants during freezing winter.

Garden Myths

Horticulturists research many garden myths and common beliefs to give us the best available information about what we should really do in our gardens

Choosing Garden Seeds for Central Oregon

Shopping for seeds is how many gardeners actively dream of what their gardens will look like this next summer.  However, having the right information for choosing the appropriate seeds to get the best possible outcome in Central Oregon is important.

Right Tree, Right Place


These tips in selecting the right tree for the right place are here to help you to have success in

choosing a tree that will provide benefits for many years with minimum costs.

Houseplants in Winter

Houseplants require some special attention in winter when we become their whole world - with complete control over their environment.

Pickle Your Paperwhites

At this time of the year, many gardeners are thinking about “forcing” bulbs for holiday and winter decoration.  You can bring a bit of spring into your winter days with a little planning.  

Caring for Holiday Greenery

This week we'll help you preserve your beautiful holiday greenery through the season without having to resort to silk or plastic floral items.

Selecting Your Christmas Tree

‘Tis the season and, if you celebrate Christmas, it is time to select your tree.Our arborist friend, Ciara, offers tips for selecting and keeping your Christmas tree fresh.

Winter Watering

The most important and misunderstood high desert gardening task is at hand: watering our trees and shrubs before and during winter.

Poisonous Houseplants

As we move into winter and start spending more time indoors, it's a good time to review houseplants and pet safety. 

Living Christmas Trees

Success with a living Christmas tree is a little risky but planning ahead and knowing how to care for your tree will increase your chances of having success. 

All About Houseplants

Autumn is one of the most critical times of the year for houseplants when we close our windows and turn up the thermostat. Here are some tips to help them survive.

Master Gardener Training

Registration for training for everyone who has wanted to be a Master Gardener, is available now.  

Champion Trees

Champion trees are the superstars of their species, and there are more than 700 of them in the National Registry. Find out how to nominate a tree you love.