Community calendar

Days/Times: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00 am, 3 pm, and 8 pm.
About: Learn what is happening in our community via 88.9 KPOV’s community calendar.

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Will Durst

Days/Times: Fridays at 10:00 am, 5:00 pm and 8 pm and Saturdays at 12:00 noon and 10:00 pm.
About: Outraged and outrageous, Durst is as current as today’s headlines, as accurate as a sniper, and universally acknowledged by even his peers as the nation’s foremost political comic.  America’s pre-eminent political satirist offers his insightful, witty and incisive commentary five times per week on 88.9 KPOV.

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feature story news

Days/Times: Monday through Friday at 5:00 pm & 6 :00 pm
About: Feature Story News delivers live stand-ups and analysis of breaking news, interviews with influentials and newsmakers, and in-depth video and audio packages that bring distinction and originality to our clients’ airwaves. In addition, we offer a steady stream of timely and compelling features—including sports—providing context and variety to audiences around the globe.

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Loh down on science

Days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am
About: The “Loh Down on Science” is the fun way to get your daily dose of science in less than two minutes. The program explains the world of science with a dash of humor. Hosted by writer/performer and Caltech alumna Sandra Tsing Loh, it’s a program for those who love science as well as for those who avoid it!

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climate connections

Days/Times: Monday through Friday at 7:00 am
About: Climate Connections is hosted by Dr. Tony Leiserowitz and covers the ways climate change is impacting our lives, and what diverse people and organizations are doing to reduce the associated risks. From energy to public health, to extreme weather and the economy – we’ll connect the dots and bring climate change “down to earth.”